Flat Rate £120

Our service is designed for actors and musicians who want a complete website built  from scratch. We not only design the site, but deal with securing your domain name, hosting and all the other complexities of starting a website. We offer the complete package at bargain prices, with no hidden costs.

Personal websites for actors or musicians are charged at a flat rate of £120 for the 1st year, then just £52 per year thereafter.

This includes the cost of a .com or .co.uk domain name*, the cost of hosting the site for a year, and a site designed especially for you, comprising of up to 6 pages.  6 pages is usually plenty for a personal website.  Should you need more, the charge is £9 per additional page.  

After the first year, the cost is £52 per year which covers the cost to the servers continuing to host the website and a very small maintenance fee.  

As your career progresses, you will no doubt want to update your website with new information, and the good news is we will do this for free!† Just drop us an email when you want things changed and we will endeavour to update as soon as possible.

If you want any other kind of website making please contact us for rates. Please read the Terms & Conditions for full pricing options.

*Domain names are subject to availability. If your preferred domain name is already taken we will help finding a suitable alterative.

† Free update applies to info added to existing pages such as new jobs, pictures or reviews. Updates are limited to 5 per month.  If you need extra pages added at any time, the fee is still just £9 per page.